Saturday, June 25, 2011

Hi Ya!! Ninja Party

We just celebrated a 9 year old ninja in warrior style.  All kids received headbands, black belts and foam swords--as they were sent off to warrior training.  They kicked and karate chopped wood boards and sharpened there sword skills on the fierce dragon (pinata).  As soon as they completed there training they went into battle against the red (balloon) ninja's.  And of course they were victorius!

The ninja's drank Hi Ya punch!

Check out for party decorations--if you don't see something --please convo us and we can quote you a price.

for there warrior appetite's--we had nunchucks, sushi crisp, samurai wontons & bushi dumplings
and of course ninja noodles and sweet and sour pork. 

of course all ninja's need ninja cake!!

The faces behind Monkey Moo Moo Parties:} 
We hope you enjoyed the ninja party as much as we enjoyed putting it together.


  1. My son would love this theme! Love the edible nunchucks! Will be sharing on FB.

  2. Thank you so much Christine!! You are to sweet:)

  3. really cool party... my son would love this for his 9th birthday party. can you tell me more about the training activities and let know how much I can buy the invites for I need about 25

  4. Hi Partymom:]
    If you go to this link it will take you directly to the invites in the etsy store. You can convo me there- and I can also quote you a price if you are not interested in the printable version of invites. Thank you so much for you sweet compliment:) Have a great day--Donna;)

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  6. I am curious what font you used on the ninja invitations... decor looks fantastic! Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Hi,
    I found your blog while searching for karate/ninja party ideas. I love the punch labels! Are they available for purchase anywhere? I would love these for my son's birthday party in June.
    Thank you!

  8. I'm preparing for a Ninja party next week. My son, Nicholas, is turning 8. I am so excited to have found your site! You have some great ideas!

  9. The invite PDF sold on etsy. Can I but one? Thanks!


  10. Love this theme! How did you make the headbands and black belts?