Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Birthday Party For Bunny

To windy to go outside today--so my darling 3 year old Autumn wanted to have a birthday party for bunny:} On the menu: Tea, cupcakes and cake--- yummy!! That's my kind of party:} (well maybe forget the tea:} )

Friday, May 20, 2011

Rootin Tootin Western Party

Yippity Yeehaw!!!
Cowboy Jackson is turning 5

We celebrated the day in true cowboy style. 
The kids ate the barbecued grub in the mess hall
while the adults visited and ate on cowhide tablecloths.

There were Cowboy s'more pops, cupcakes and of course a
woody cake.

We used lots of burlap and bandannas to help us decorate.

the banner, food signs, favor tags,
cupcake & cake toppers can all be found at

There was horse riding

face painting...

snake in my boot....

and the best "Rootin Tootin" gang

Happy Happy Birthday Jackson!!!
We all at a rootin tootin time.