Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Autumn & The Old Timers

We live in a small town by the ocean and this community thrives off of tourist.  Sometimes it's nice to visit the same places the tourist do...  but going behind what you see... is were the adventures are. 
So my girlfriend and my little miss Autumn decided to go visit the old broken down trains--instead of the knew shiney ones.   And we had such a great time:}

My Grandfather (who is one of my greatest hero's)  worked on old train eingines.  So I know when he was watching us admire and play around these old tracks and trains-- he was smiling upon us:}


  1. Gorgeous photos! Are you sure you are not a photographer AND party planner?????!!!!!

    ~Jenn Koehler

  2. Thanks Jenn-- you are two sweet:} I just LOVE LOVE to take pictures--especially of my little girl:}

  3. seriously, amazing photos! looks right out of a magazine!

  4. I said that too ! Donna is the best aspiring photographer and party planner....not to mention her oh so pretty paper goods ! I love love love these photos.....the subject matter is of course beautiful too !! xoxo, paulette/aka~glammie

  5. ahhh.... Thanks Glammie:} I love you tons!!!