Thursday, June 9, 2011

Autumn In Wonderland

What to do for little miss Autumn's 3rd birthday..... 
then her Glammie (Paulette from Paper Nosh
had a very special Alice dress custom made for her.
So yahhhh!!! 
Autumn In Wonderland it is.
So I had to get busy making decorations:)
You can find all the decorations here
And a Huge thank you to Monkey Moo Moo's business partner Kim Queen for
the most fabulous cake ever!!!

Wow!!!  Check out this cake!!!

Thank you so much for taking a peek at her special day.
Please make sure your visit
if you would like to have an Alice party too:}
And I would also like to thank Tammie Gilchrist
for some of the amazing photos


  1. This looks so bee-u-tee-ful....not to mention how gorgeous is Miss Autumn ! You are a genius and so is Kim to of created this gorgeous party ...thank you too for the shout out for the cute dress....I'm so happy she could wear it to her party !! loves you both~ glammie