Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Mini Valentine's Photo Cards

Oh Sweet Valentine...  if I give you a cute little picture of myself-- would you be my Valentine??

If this is something you would like us to create for you. 
Wishing you a Happy Love Day:)


  1. These are full of Heart Day sweetness! have an adorable shop...I just had a peek!



    1. Hi Jenni,
      Thank you so much!! I ADORE your illustrations!! They are just beautiful!!
      Take care--Donna:)

  2. Hello Donna, just wanted to say what a very beautiful little girl Autumn is, she should be a model, honestly she would be so wonderful at it, doubt if you could ever take a bad photo of her and she is a fabulous poser lol! Sending love and hugs, Bea xxx

  3. Hi Bea!!!!
    So happy to see this sweet message from you:):) Thank you so much for your lovely compliments of Autumn:):) Yes- she sure has the posing down--hahaaa;) Hope you are doing well-- I am sooooo happy to hear about your sweet grand baby:):) Sending you lots of hugs and love your way too--Donna:)